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Maya Manolova

Maya Manolova

New tendencies of Art

Maya, born in Varna, Bulgaria, graduated in 2005 at The National Academy of Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria, with a master degree in Art History. In December 2005 she succeeded a competition for submission in a PhD program at the Chair of History of Art to obtain a Doctor's degree. Her major is History of modern art. The subject of her Doctor's thesis is "New tendencies in the art of artists from Varna in the end of XX and the beginning of XXI century". Maya is also working as a freelance artist focused in the field of painting (oil, acryllic, tempera, water colors), crafts (mainly creating ecological jewelry) and photography (mainly conceptual). Art is point of view, lifestyle, way of understanding, provoking and dancing with the world. Different materials and media change the form (colors, sounds, words) but the essence is the idea. She is inspired by the different cultures. This is definitely demonstrated in particular ethno fusion of Indian, African and Japanese elements. The most interpreted impulse is the never-ending motion in the woman's figure. The technique consist tempera, water colors acrylic and oil paints on professional aquarelle paper.

African girl

Strawberry shake

Violet snowball

Blue in the dark

Yellow shoe