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PANGAEA Art Collection for World Peace
Premier: November 18th 2011 at the
Sigmund Freud Museum Vienna


In 2008 the IDEA Society has initiated the PANGAEA Global Art Initiative in support of UNICEF.

Beginning of Event: 6:00pm

Address from Dr. Gudrun Berger, Secretary General, UNICEF Austria (in German):
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Opening address:
Dr. Stefan Stoev, Founder&Chairman, IDEA Society
Hon. Peter Haider, Secretary General, UPF Austria

Prof. Mag. Sandra Reindl-Schweighofer &
The “United Children of the World” Choir

Cabaret Surprise:
with Jenny Simanowitz, Happy Business

The Pangaea project offers an inter-cultural dialogue between countries across the globe with the aim to stimulate an appreciation of other societies and traditions.

A saying goes: “We are most afraid of what we do not understand”.

The IDEA Society has launched its global project PANGAEA to diminish this fear and enhance cultural exchange and mutual understanding by means of assembling a collection of paintings from a variety of artists from around the world. The collected artistic works will be the ambassadors of the various cultures striving to enhance the appreciation of different traditions and highlighting the diversity and richness of our global cultural heritage.

Art - the one universal language - is the ideal vehicle in bringing cultures closer together and revealing developments in a particular society. Therefore, the theme for all paintings of the PANGAEA project was chosen as “Our society of today and tomorrow.”

On November 18th 2011, during the Vienna Art Week, an exhibition of all the ‘PANGAEA paintings’, at the Sigmund Freud Museum in Vienna, will allow a wide audience to participate in this multicultural experience.

After the premier in Vienna, this unique PANGAEA Collection will go around the world as a travel exhibition.