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Samij Datta

Samij Datta

India: Sample Artworks

Samij born in Kolkata has graduated from the Calcutta University. In 2002 he started designing artworks. In 2004, he worked on a project called "Tull For Tsunami Victims". Datta worked with various small bands and cultural groups promoting art for their organizations. His artworks got fairly good recognition in India and abroad. He is a self-tutored painter whose vision in art ranges from varied fields: quantum/spiritual/poetic and musical. In 2007 he had a solo exhibition at the Taj Residency at Bangalore titled "Myths and Understanding". As a part of Corporate Myths, Samij's main idea is to share knowledge, to discuss, apprehend identify and classify problems and to rediscover the spirit to characterize the alluring qualities of all myths.

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