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Boyd Mbewe - Dream Come True Organization

My Name is Boyd Mbewe, I am born on April 27th 1990 in Zambia and reside in Malota Compound in the suburbs of Livingstone.

Growing up I faced many hardships, mainly arising from the absence of my mother and the death of my father at an early age.

Life was kind and fortunately I was able to overcome many challenges in order to become stronger today with a heart full of hope for a brighter future.

In Zambia there are many orphans like me and therefore I have decided to dedicate myself to the task for making a better life for unprivileged young people like me.

Over the years I have been (mis-) fortunate to gain valuable knowledge from a close perspective on major issues in our African Communities as women violence, child marriage, AIDS/HIV, etc.

Which are responsible for many of the hardships faced by our daily community life. In 2015 I have engaged with the Zambia Center for Communication Programs. In the same year I have founded the Dream Come True Organization.

The main objectives are to create awareness for gender based violence and HIV, and to support vulnerable people who have been affected by these issues.

Some initiatives were including the production of short digital media films relating to these topics and providing better understanding and awareness to the communities.

Together with the IDEA Society we would like to reach out to the international community and to exchange good practices and engage in sustainable solutions for our African Communities.