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The woman is in the centre of artistic expressions since many centuries. From the Mother Goddess, over Botticelli’s spring, towards Van Dongens moody portraits of women. Nothing goes on without the woman and yet she it is still inferior in some cultures.

Lea Fuchs and Ljubomir Dimov have dealt with the image of women in today’s society.

In artistic dialogue they have juxtaposed warm and cold colours, mixed the various moods of women on the canvas and have brought emotional highlights to the viewers.

It’s all emotion, and yet it makes perfect sense. So rational complex and yet so simple emotionally. It is the glue of cohesion of our world. A lot of time has passed and it will goes on for eternity. The day before and the day after were and are determined by the woman. The force of every beginning is in her. And she will walk and form every known or undetermined path. With their encounter Lea Fuchs and Ljubomir Dimov have created a dialog by fusion of emotions and change of mind to capture and highlight the energy of women in today’s society.The artistic messages were presented during 2015 by both artists in a series of high-quality exhibitions: At the United Nations in Vienna, in the Gallery Merikon, in the Austrian Parliament and last but not least in the Art Forum Semmering.

I thank the two artists Lea Fuchs and Ljubomir Dimov for their successful dialogue and wish all viewers a magnificent experience.

Dr. Stefan Stoev, Chairman of IDEA SOCIETY