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The American Drama Group Europe

Since the establishment of our CASTLE TOUR in 1995, it has become a yearly tradition occupying the months of June-September. The tour has featured one production-since 2001 a Shakespearean play performing in some of Europe´s most revered landmarks. And although the actual number of performances on each tour constitute only about 10% of our total touring schedule, one could easily conclude by viewing our website that it is about the only thing we do. Due to the beauty of the venues and their historical importance, they are highlighted on our home page and other forms of publicity. Sincerely,

Grantly Marshall

Actor, producer, founder of THE AMERICAN DRAMA GROUP EUROPE




Performances in Vienna:

THE TEMPEST at City Palais Liechtenstein - 6.6.2016
THE MERCHANT OF VENICE at City Palais Liechtenstein - 8.6.2015
Romeo & Juliet at Palais Liechtenstein - 25.6.2014
THE TAMING OF THE SHREW at Palais Liechtenstein - 26.6.2013
MACBETH at Palais Liechtenstein - 27.6.2012