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International Day of Peace - 21.9.2012

Curator Ms.Tai Young Ha, Artists Sujin Kim, IDEA Society Chairman Stefan Stoev, KKH Secretary General HyunJoo Lee

"Peace is a common goal, which should be intentionally maintained by our and future generations. Good cultural understanding is a basic element in achieving and maintaining peace and logically the main ingredient in any formula for harmonious coexistence.

It is the goal of the IDEA Society to raise awareness of different cultures and foster inter-cultural initiatives in the arts. The PANGAEA Art Collection for World Peace, which premiered at the Sigmund Freud Museum in 2011 and was later presented at the European Parliament in Brussels and at the United Nations in Vienna in 2012, is an excellent example of a successful inter-cultural art initiative at the international level and a paragon of art diplomacy.

In recognition of the International Day of Peace, which was established in 1981 by Resolution 36/67 and later adopted in Reolution 55/282 of the United Nations General Assembly, the IDEA Society and the Korean Cultural House in Vienna have organized this International Exhibition, presenting works by Korean artist Sujin Kim together with the IDEA Society's PANGAEA Art Collection for World Peace.

It is a great privilege and personal pleasure to be invited to address you at this art event on this special day, at this wonderful location, so close to the United Nations in Vienna.

I would like to thank Ms.Mi-JaFriedländer-Chon, President of the Korean Cultural House in Vienna, Ms.Tai Young Ha, curator of the exhibition, Juliana DO, art expert of the IDEA Society, and last but not least the artist Sujin Kim, for making this event possible.

I wish all participants a joyful and thoughtful art experience on this, the International Day of Peace 2012."

Dr. Stefan Stoev, Founding Chairman of the IDEA Society

Opening event: September 21st 2012, 7pm

Closing event: October 19th 2012, 6pm

Korea Kulturhaus in Vienna
Donaupark, Arbeiterstrandbadstraße 122, Pavillon am Irissee 1, 1220 Vienna

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