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The impact of Culture on Business Relations

by Stefan STOEV, Chairman IDEA Society
and Arzu PEHLİVAN, Genel Yayın Yönetmeni KOBI PLUS
Source: HAZİRAN 2012
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A good dialog and better understanding are basic prerequisites for a relationship of any kind. Every culture has its own ways of expression, which reflects in its communication and interaction practices. Good attentions may lead to misinterpretations in other cultures, if their perception does not involve common understanding of related criteria and values. Europe is reach on cultural diversity. And therefore cultural harmonization between countries that are interacting is very important in order to ensure good understanding, which is the key for the establishment of a trustful relation and smooth cooperation.

The project for Harmonization of Culture and Arts in Turkey and Austria between IGİAD, UGEV, and IDEA Society is a very good example of such an initiative supported by the European Union. Both countries, Turkey and Austria, are rich on culture and traditions. And they carry enormous potential for mutual benefits across collaborations on intellectual and business level.

Today many entrepreneurs from Turkey are seeking business relations in Austria, as also companies and entrepreneurs from Austria are interested in establishing professional relations with Turkey. In this process parties from both countries have been challenged technically and culturally with issues which in some cases are not easy to overcome. More and more European principals and practices have been introduces to easy collaboration and accelerate interactions. A truthful cultural diplomat and successful businessman, who managed to setup a cultural bridge between Turkey and Austria, because of his personal background, is the Do&Co Founder Attila Dogudan. He combines culinary quality and service excellence of both nations and provides the catering for the Turkish and Austrian Airlines.

Every year thousands of tourists from Austria are enjoying the hospitality of holiday resorts and the fascination of nature and culture in Turkey. Austria also offers for Turkish visitors a variety of attractions, as also art and cultural experiences. And there is so mach more to explore.

Through the cooperation project between IGİAD, UGEV, and IDEA Society the city and region of Isparta will be brought closer to Vienna. In this project artist will bring in a first step this two places closer together to encourage people to people contacts and to building cross boarder bridges of dialogue and understanding. This will help to overcome cultural reservations and may inspire new business relations. Moreover, it will increase cooperation and networking among institutions and business.

This initiative, and others which will follow, are the facilitators of a continuous process that is boldly supporting and positively illuminating both, social and business relations.