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Cornelia Krafft holds a Masters degree in Fine Arts of Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, Austria.
She developed her body of work in the media of painting, Installation, photography and performance art, which was shown in several group- and solo exhibitions in Vienna, London, Munich, Berlin, Venice, Beirut, Norway and Australia.
She received several scholarships and took part in artist residency programs in Italy and Australia. She has taught 10 years at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and is Visiting Professor at Fine Art and Art History Department of the American University of Beirut since 2009.
Her recent public performances with unprofessional young Lebanese like “777” in the Dome downtown Beirut in 2010 and “Along the white line” at the Cornich, Beirut in 2011 were internationally reviewed in Lebanon the US, Canada and Austria.
She was one of the selected artist to represent Lebanon at the 54thVenice Biennale 2011, which was canceled by the ministry.
With specific respect for the transience of life and nature, she mostly visualizes literature through spatial transformations. Her performances are generaly mute, using nature or urban deserted spaces as a stage. The focus on the female struggle in society throughout history, especially in ancient myths, has always been a strong actuator for her work.