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Jenny Simanowitz

Jenny Simanowitz was born in South Africa and studied Literature and Drama in Cape Town and London before becoming a teacher and drama therapist.
In 1983 she moved to Germany and entered the business world, holding seminars and workshops in sales, corporate communication and conflict management.
Since 1994 Jenny Simanowitz has been living and working in Austria, where she has combined her business, dramatic and psychological skills to develop seminars and workshops in communication.
Her emphasis lies in group dynamic processes, how we relate to others on a conscious and unconscious level and the fundamentals of   successful relationships.
From her workshops, in which she uses many theatrical elements, Jenny developed her now famous "communication cabaret" which she performs internationally in theatres, educational institutes and for corporate events.
The ommunication cabaret combines light hearted entertainment with the aim of raising awareness about the unspoken messages which we communicate to each other.
Her shows deal with perception of ourselves and of others, with conscious and unconscious status-games (often expressed through our body language), with "acceptance and blocking" and with positive and negative interpretations of reality..
Whether on the stage or in a seminar she transmits her message and her knowledge with images, with dramatic scenes and, above all, with humour.
Jenny Simanowitz is a strong believer in what she calls the "Humanizing of Working Life", and in the integration of the profit principle with social responsibility and fun.
These ideas form the basis of her Communication Cabarets.
Jenny lectures in Austria at the University of Economics in Vienna, the Vienna University of Pädagogic and the Academy of Management in Graz. She is also a founder member of the Centre for Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) at Warwick University, England. As well as this she is popular as a speaker and entertainer for conferences, business meetings and trainings for communication and sales.