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Europa – The Woman - 29.3.2011

An international arts project for the benefit of a free European Baccalaureate education and to celebrate the role woman play in Europe
Tuesday, 29 March 2011, 6.30pm -8.30pm
12 Star Gallery, Europa House, 32 Smith Square, London SW1P 3EU
Exhibition open to the public Monday - Friday
30 March – 21 April 2011, 10am – 6pm
Victor Agius (Malta), Tim Davies (Germany), Juliana Do (Bulgaria), Cornelia Krafft (Austria), Cristian Lotti (Italy), Christine Robion (France), Jean-Marie Biwer (Luxembourg), Marcelle Hanselaar and Mirjam Visker (Netherlands), Ewa Gargulinska (Poland), Juliette Goddard (UK), Solidea Guerra (Croatia), Mikkel Urup (Denmark), and more international artists to be announced.

“Europa – The Woman” is an on-going international arts project involving artists and authors reflecting on female aspects in a European context. Artists from across Europe have committed works in a variety of media, authors and academics have also provided text for a future book and works by further artists are added all the time to the exhibition. The aim for Europa – The Woman is to become a multi-media communication platform staged around a relevant and inspiring art collection. The project was launched in 2010 with the support of CESPA and Oxford University at New College’s Long Room Gallery. Organisations and individuals who want to support a wider access of children and young people to the highly successful European Baccalaureate teaching in the UK, as pioneered by the European Schools, can sponsor
individual Europa – The Woman art works. Special limited edition prints are also sold for that cause. Europa – The Woman has pledged to raise a minimum of £100’000 in order to help secure free European Baccalaureate teaching at the European School Culham.
The highly regarded multi-lingual European Baccalaureate curriculum teaching is currently accessible to children of EU employees or fee-paying parents only. Further information can be found on or requested by sending an
email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
New College, Oxford University
UK EU Commission Office London
Malta Tourism Authority
Artstart Amsterdam