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Alia Haju 

Alia Haju

Lebanese Young Artist

Alia Haju, born 1986 in Beirut,Lebanon, is a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the American University of Beirut. She is recently working at The Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts - Ashkal Alwan in Beirut. For her creative works she received the Minyara town Award for painting and the Photography Award from American University of Beirut. Alia is frequently participation in National and International Art Exhibitions as Artist and as Organizer.


Yellow truck, 1994, 2006, today and tomorrow
Childhood memories of deportation from the south. Something that is constantly happening to the Lebanese people, and we are always in the danger of it happening again. This paintings shows my memory, of when we where heading to the Capital Beirut, running away from the explosives back south, where the traffic was horrible, and as my head was out of the car window, trying to breath, I glimpsed a yellow truck filled with children. Children that looked like scared hiding kittens.

Destruction and Reconstruction
Beirut the city of culture is being demolished down to build new towers.