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Emilia Boiadjieva

 Emilia Boiadjieva

 Art from the Black Sea

Emilia Boiadjieva was born on September 7th 1984 in Varna, Bulgaria. She graduated from the National School of Arts in Varna and than she completed a Master Program in Fine Arts at the University in Veliko Tarnovo. Emilia participated in various national and few international exhibitions. She took part in the restoration of wall-paintings in the church “St. Nikola” in Varna.
Emilia won the first prize in the Competition: “A person of twenty century -European citizen”, in the Sixth National Competition “The submarine world of Black Sea” and first national prize for art in European Competition “Life in the Universe”. In 2009 Emilia also received the “Discovery” 1st prize, given by the Discovery Foundation and Active Art Gallery. She also illustrated 10 books -lyric poetry and drama from Bulgarian authors.