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Elena Georgieva

Elena Georgieva  PANGAEA

Impressionistischer Philanthropismus

Interview (BG)

Elena Georgieva, born 1979 in Sofia, Bulgaria.
She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia in 1996, specializing in Painting.
"I often ask me a question, what inspires the processes which some call art but I prefer the formulation expression. The more sincere the expression is the more valuable it is. And rarely there is a connection between the desire and the final result. The good painting finds you; happens to you every once in a while. It is not planned or utterly explicable. And to define something as good or mediocre is also a constructive process. The important thing is to see, to develop your perception in order to utterly enjoy “your” piece of work, no matter whether you make it with yourown hands or capture it in an unusual situation on the street or an angle of illumination which makes the usual things unique."