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In Short: With Mika Altskan


The young metropolitan photographer Mika tells in few sentences about his journey through the urban scenery of Washington and Moscow.

Snack with Dr. Stefan Stoev
Washington, DC (10/2009)

S: Mika, what are your hobbies in general?
M: In my free time I like to stenciling, skateboard, biking, and of course photography!

S: How did you decided to become photographer?
M: My Mom bought me a disposable camera when I was 9 years old, when we were on vacation in Italy. The pictures came out great so my mom began to take me to photography exhibits and helping me understand photography techniques. This started my interest with photography.

S: What are the topics and scenes you are interested most?
M: I mostly take pictures of my friends skating, but I also like to take pictures of city scenes. I like black and white photographs the most.

S: What is your perception of light and shade?
M: Light and shade are very important in the contrast of a photo, they reflect the mood of the photograph.

S: What do you believe is the difference between a photographer and a good photographer?
M: There are some photographers that just have really nice cameras, good photographers put some thought in their pictures.

S: What are your artistic plans for the future?
M: To become an artistic photographer.

   Moscow                                                      Washington