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Kalina Boteva

Photographic Impressions

Kalina Boteva, born 1968 in Bulgaria, psychiatrist, and a long-time practitioner of Hatha Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation. After graduating medical school in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1992, Kalina moved to the US, where she completed her clinical training in psychiatry, and started exploring the artistic process through Black&White photography. Kalina has held individual and group exhibitions in the United States and Bulgaria and her photographs are part of several private collections in the US. The personal question Kalina is responding to through her work and relationships is how to live and love more fully from the deepest, most authentic place there is.


The cycle of photographic impressions “Unfolding” is an attempt to recognize and interpret the inner psycho-emotional expressions of the feminine.
The cycle consists of “photographs”, crated with the classical methods of black and white photography, and pure expressionistic “drawings” on photographic paper. The photographs follow the body as it passes through а primary series of movements, known from the practice of Hatha Yoga as “Sun Salutation”. Opening and closing of inner and outer spaces with the breath of the movement, accepting the penetrating ray of light giving the blossom its life.
At first glance distinctly different in creative approach and form, the abstract expressionistic drawings carry the energy of the same longing – to live fully in the entire body-mind-spiritual being in each concrete moment of internal time. Every drawing, materialized in a second and a half or two, has to be brought to life, flower, and die, to be materialized for new life in the next second and a half or two. And then again…